Simply Solar Greenhouses


Simply Solar Greenhouses, L.L.C. formally SolarPrism or Solar Prism located in Bell City, Missouri is a locally owned and family operated business. The company’s primary objective is to offer the most advanced innovations in greenhouse technology to consumers. The company’s founder, Martin "Marty" Dames, has nearly 17 years experience in the fabrication and manufacture of the most unique and efficient greenhouses on the market today. Setting new trends in the greenhouse industry, Marty has merged available science with a functional structural design to produce a superior greenhouse that is available to the consumer at a reasonable cost.



Simply Solar Greenhouses are fiberglass structures designed for maximum efficiency and durability. The resin and fibers utilized in the manufacturing process combine to produce unsurpassed qualities that are not available in traditional glass or plastic greenhouses. In contrast to traditional greenhouses, our solar greenhouses yield optimum efficacy of sunlight. This effectiveness is created by the diffusion of the sun’s rays as they pass through the structure spreading light throughout the entire greenhouse "Prism Effect" thereby eliminating shadows, which diminish total growing area. This dispersion of sunlight allows one to grow on many levels (shelving) with each plant receiving equal light thereby taking advantage of all the space in a solar greenhouse. In addition, the resin possesses an ultra violet "UV" inhibitor that protects delicate vegetation from burning rays emitted by the sun including UV rays to cast shadows that restrict the use of available space and potentially damage plants.


The gothic-dome ribbed design of a solar greenhouse is both functional and appealing. The solar greenhouse is capable of withstanding straight–line winds in excess of eighty MPH. This is due to the gradual sloping sides on which the wind passes over pressing downward upon the structure. The sides of the solar greenhouse are formed with contoured ribs that provide strength and structural integrity to the greenhouse. Many conventional greenhouses are susceptible to destruction by strong straight-line winds. In particular, greenhouses of PVC and plastic construction have a propensity to tear and or collapse during high winds.

The solar greenhouses strength only surpassed by its durability. The fiberglass material used in its construction contributes to a life expectancy beyond 20 years. In fact, if the solar greenhouse is properly maintained it is capable of use for an indefinite period. Simply Solar Greenhouses recommends that consumers refinish the solar greenhouse periodically. As with all things exposed to the elements, the finish on a solar greenhouse may become porous. The slick and shining finish is replenished by coating the solar greenhouse with resin. This resin and its catalyst can be purchased on our website through Grainger. Such supplemental resin is not provided at the time of purchase because the resin itself has a shelve-life that does not exceed two years when not combined with the catalyst.

The production process in the manufacture of solar greenhouses is labor intensive. The structure is molded in a single unit by hand-rolling layers of fiberglass material in a continuous and uniform manner. After this first stage of production, each greenhouse is allowed to cure into a hardened shell. Next, each greenhouse is fitted with a door, windows and overhead vents. The finished product is the most superior greenhouse in the marketplace made available at affordable prices.

Our employees take great pride in each unit produced and Simply Solar Greenhouses, L.L.C. guarantees each greenhouse with a ten-year warranty against any defect. Simply Solar Greenhouses are American made in the Heartland.



Today’s commercially produced vegetables are saturated with unknown amounts of chemicals including pesticides, herbicides and preservatives. It is apparent to the conscientious consumer that many of our health problems are the latent effect of chemicals added to our food source. Recently, informed consumers have created high demand for organically raised produce. Some satisfy this demand through purchasing produce locally at farmer’s markets that have experienced a surge in popularity. Others rely upon commercial growers whom label the product “organic” and charge a premium price.


The rational and economical response to the unfettered use of chemicals contaminating our food supply is to grow your own. A greenhouse offers the capability of growing vegetables year around or providing an extended growing season to those who wish to maintain an outdoor garden. Much like any venture. The benefits from a greenhouse are directly related to the work applied to it. However, once established and operational a greenhouse gardener is rewarded exponentially with fresh and vine ripe produce in abundance. The demand for greenhouses used residentially has risen to never seen before heights. Simply Solar Greenhouses are ahead of the curve in producing and marketing greenhouses to meet this demand.

SOLAR GREENHOUSES is different from anything you can build or buy. Its unique construction absorbs light and heat on rainy, foggy or over-cast days, giving you full growing light and ample heat. In the summer time, it reflects excess light, and on very hot days, it helps keep things cool.


SOLAR GREENHOUSES is molded all in one piece and comes ready to use. It has its own foundation that you simply trench in the ground four inches. Just build some benches or grow in the ground (or both), and overnight you are a 12 month out of the year Gardner.


SOLAR GREENHOUSES gives you fresh strawberry shortcake in December, watermelon on New Years Day and fresh, fresh vegetables year-round. And don’t forget all those beautiful green plants and fresh-cut flowers for the house.


SOLAR GREENHOUSES is marketed and manufactured by SIMPLY SOLAR GREENHOUSES a Missouri Company


SOLAR GREENHOUSES is made to last our special formulas, and our own exclusive equipment for construction assure you quality and durability and of course, we guarantee our products. They are hand made in the Heartland of the USA.